Just Keep Running

It’s no longer about an Ultra Marathon

This used to be a blog solely about the Ultra Marthon I was doing. But I completed the 106km course in 18hr30m23s. I’ve loved getting back into running, taking the dog for runs and challenging myself – so I thought I’d keep it up.

I’m no athlete. 

As much as I like to tell people I’m a professional athlete, I’m far from it: I love my beer too much and am too lazy to follow a strict ‘athlete’ diet.

I’m not in prime physical condition. 

I broke my spine in 2 places in 2014 – leaving my core pretty weak, and neck pains if I am in an odd posture for too long. My shoulders have each been through the works several times, and my knees have to be taped up for longer distance runs.

But I am a runner. 

It’s always I’ve something I’ve been inherently good at, putting one leg in front of the other at a fast pace for a reasonable distance. With no training, a dodgy knee and a hangover I can still run a 5k in a respectable time pretty easily. I like to call it natural athleticism. My sister prefers to call it my annoying trait.

Authors Note: I usually like to include loads of photos in my blogs. Whoever this might be a bit difficult as I’ll be running on my own for the vast majority of it. So expect lots of selfies, funny running memes, blurred photos on the move, and pictures of my trainers.